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Dear Kuya

Dear Kuya,

I dont know how to start this. I just know that I miss you terribly.

Please help me understand why. Bitin e! Dapat magiging close na tayo tas biglang ganito.

Sucks to be me. Still, even if I question all these things, I know there’s a reason- a very very good reason.

Wherever you are, have fun there okay?

Don’t mind us too much, we just miss you that’s why.

I love you!


— 2 years ago

God grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

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Oh Gavin, can you please stop being so adorable. 


Oh Gavin, can you please stop being so adorable. 

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ONE FORTY PLUS: I have no idea how to introduce this post, so I’m skipping the first... →


I have no idea how to introduce this post, so I’m skipping the first paragraph.

During rehearsal on Tuesday, it came to mind that I should see my throat doctor because something didn’t feel/sound right. I went in for a visit on Wednesday and a scope of my vocal cords revealed that the granuloma…

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The for the lack of better term “sacrifice” in detail

As I said I gave on spending on things with great alternatives, food and transportation in particular. At first I thought that those where the only 2 that I can sacrifice on. But I want to spend more on shopping, I want to try out restaurants, I want to do this and that. So how am I spending on my wants thru my money-needs more?

I am the sole homemaker here and I can’t do anything about on groceries (there are no coupons in Dubai boohoo) I cook and clean the apartment so I thought that I really have to spend on those- fixed spending coz its a need. However, I used that “power” (as a homemaker) to be more frugal to spend on my wants.

Sorry, like most of the people, I can’t sacrifice shopping, going out, and trying new things, just to save money.

I am finishing my cleaning stuff stock and start my DIY home cleaning and beauty masks and scrub! And yes its 80-90% cheaper than the usual. So I am very happy to now and try this out after out soon to be famished supply.

1 part of vinegar + h2o for multi purpose cleaning

baking soda + h2o = paste for tough cleaning

yogurt = face mask

sugar with olive oil = scrub

That’s just about it. Simple and cheap.

Btw, I’ve been doing the sugar scrub and yogurt mask, and it was SUPERB! AWSOME! BRAVO!

Nothing beats having a great skin while going out and going home in a non-toxic apartment. :)

I’m a bit of an enviromental person anyway, and this is my part. 

When all of these things are done/in my system, I shall start a better diet plan.

At this stage, I’m also starting but not yet confident enough because I now I have to shoot these things first before focusing on the other. And I have the tendency to start and start and start without finishing one.

I’m excited for this because I can start to feed on my so-called vices.

See, I’m no saint. And if you know me, I really am not.

*evil laugh*

— 2 years ago

I really don’t know why I am starting to post something again. Maybe I just need to see my goals in writing and my notebooks (and I have 4) can’t seem to be enough.

So it’s just me reitering these things to myself. Not the emo kind (hate emos).

I’ve been pondering on my money/financial life. At this stage (I know I’m still argumentatively young btw), I am on what I call savings addiction- that I will go crazy if something bad will happen!

I am saving 7.1%- each (I have 3) of my salary to savings for the past 4 months. Browsing thru my budget, I had one big question: WHY AM I SAVING THIS LITTLE?

Oh yeah. Christmas, shopping sale, debts, etc.

I have this theory, money-wise- that you have to constantly change your budget once you have achieved your goal. I am already debt free (goal!) thus, I have to change and accelerate. Plus, it’s just refreshing to change, I really avoid the rut.

The coming months are the “lul months” (agree?) so this revamp is nothing but perfect!

So here,

2 major savings -14-15% each for retirement and emergency

2 minor savings - 7.1% each for Thailand and the Philippines

Am I depriving myself? Nope!

I actually have more but I don’t want to tighten the belt too much.

For the money left for me, I chose to cut down on things that I can live without to spend more on the things that make me happy and these are

1. I take the train to work now (I used to drive myself to work or take taxi that cost A LOT)

2. I bring food to work (eat out or don’t eat at all is my motto then)

These 2 have a great impact because I can now have more money alloted to spending on shopping and having fun.

So don’t say that savings means no fun. It’s just about channeling where to focus your spending on. And yes, I chose for the lack of better term “sacrificing” most of my everyday life to be simple- to splurge on myself on leisure.

For me, it’s more sensible. I’d rather spend on things that make me happy than spend on the things with great alternatives anyway.

I am no financial expert but I’d like to think that I’m smart when it comes to this now.

— 2 years ago


Here’s the song for those of you who missed it!


Bless you for sharing the download link…now my Shadow Days are over.



John Mayer-Shadow Days (New Single)

Download Link

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Here’s a clip of the first single off Born and Raised, called “Shadow Days.” I’m excited to share the first bit of sound from the album… Been looking forward to a post like this since October 14, 2010, the first day I started writing this group of songs. Enjoy.

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